Signs and Money

Aries: One important thing to note about them is that they definitely go after money, but money is not everything for them.
They will not be happy with a good salary, they need good, challenging work. Perhaps the most reckless spender of the zodiac,
when they want something they want it now! And after tomorrow they might never use it again.

Taurus: They need to choose a career where they are not forced to give immediate results and take sudden action, they like
taking life the easy yet serious way. Love to buy beautiful things but won’t go about spending just because. Each investment is
very well thought.

Gemini: Can only stay in a job in which they have sufficient freedom to exercise their communication skills and have the
opportunity to be updated with the latest trend, in the same way they’ll spend their money, only for the sake of information
and skills.

Cancer: tend to get too attached with issues that might produce in their head a negative outcome, so for the sake of the safety
of tomorrow they have a tendency to deprive themselves of enjoying the good of money today, they might end up accumulating a
large bank account only to be inherit by their children and might never enjoying it themselves.

Leo: they need to express themselves fully, shine in a way that all can see, and show of their talent, have a tendency to end
up spending more than what they can afford, however it will be for sure beautiful.

Virgo: they have a tremendous urge to serve others and take care of them, for them the main purpose of money is so they can
help someone else, it doesn’t mean they don’t want things for themselves but the bottom line of money would be to serve, of
course we can always find a greedy one here and there, there is always and exception to the rule. That’s why most likely we
will find them in careers that have to do with health, teaching or some type of service.

Libra: Decision making does not come naturally to them, so they need all the information and technical support they can get to
make up for it, for before spending on something it would take them a really long time to make the decision to actually do it.

Scorpio: Gives high importance to discipline and precision, when they spend on something they want t0 feel that the money was
earned by them, they don’t enjoy it easy (a bit masochist) they like to feel that what they’ve got came through a challenge
that they were able to overcome, it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a gift, but prefer to work for their money and get what they
want with it.

Sagittarius: At work they need freedom, if they feel they are being supervised, and their boss is sticking his/her nose into
what they consider their personal project, it will be very hard for them to achieve the goal. They like money for what they can
buy with it, money is not to be kept, but to be spent, and thanks to their great imagination and optimism they will always get
the money to buy what they want, most of the time at the last minute. Always knowing it will come from ‘somewhere’ and hardly
stressing about it.

Capricorn: The masters of loyalty and appreciation for rules, and traditions. Money is to be spent wisely, so wisely, they
might never buy what they want in expectation of a better deal. Very rarely you’ll find a Capricorn making the wrong

Aquarius: are the masters of originality, and the way they handle money is in a transformative way, always searching for the
chain reaction of their investment. Their thought process in regards of money goes something like this: I’ll invest on this,
because it will produce that, which eventually will generate something else.

Pisces: It’s all about vocation, their career needs to be a reflection of the desires of their heart, it’s the only way to
become successful and keep the money, otherwise money will slip from their pockets like water through the fingers.