I truly believe that good health depends on four factors, all of the same importance:

-Good nutrition, placing a strong emphasis on the quality of the foods we eat and drink.

-A regular workout routine, consistent physical activity, sports.

-A positive attitude towards life.  Do you see life challenges as an opportunity to grow or are you searching around for someone to blame?

-And if you eat healthy, you work out regularly, have a positive optimistic attitude towards life and still don’t feel healthy, then it must be Tikun which is Hebrew word for karma, or correction and in this case Soul correction.

The first three points can be easier to figure out than the last one. I mean we all know that to have a piece of fresh fruit, a vegetable or a bowl of whole grain and drinking water is way healthier than eating a bag of chips and drinking coke.

Or that to go for a 20 minute afternoon walk is healthier than to sit on a couch in front of the TV and watch a show.

It might not be so easy to keep an optimistic attitude towards life in the face of challenge, but we all know that we can think clearer and see the light at the end of the tunnel if we relax and ask ourselves, ‘Ok! What is the lesson to learn here?’ rather than if we get desperate and let sorrow or anger take over.

But to talk about Karma? Correction of my soul? That is not so easy to figure out.

Astro-wellness’s mission is to help you navigate through all these four components of Wellness.

I will be using my health coaching training ( I am an IIN graduate as a Health Coach)  and my Master Herbalist studies (currently have completed the first to stages of Herbal School) to help us tackle the first two points- nutrition and physical activity.

My academic knowledge as a post-grad graduate, my spiritual understanding through Kabalistic teachings, life experience of living on my own in three different countries that speak three different languages, a wife and a mother, to tackle the third point: keeping a positive and optimistic view on life, especially when challenged.

And last but not least, I will be using Kabbalistic Astrology as a tool to help us understand the fourth component:  The understanding of our Tikun-Karma-Soul Correction.

Astro-wellness will be posting regular Newsletters on nutrition and workouts, Video lectures on Wisdom to stay optimistic, and Astrology lessons to help us understand our Tikun/Karma.

For these lessons, please go to Astrology lessons

Please feel free to navigate through this website’s pages and do not doubt in contacting me with any questions that you might have to my email: [email protected]