Astrological Relationship Parent-Child

Let’s remember in the first place that all of us were once children and that the same natal chart that we had as a little baby,
a young boy or girl, is the same one we have today as a full-grown adult. Astrologically speaking, we are the same person;
however our personalities have been sculpted, and we have changed somehow.

What happened? Would the reading of a natal chart, created for someone born on a specific date, be different if it’s done when
the person is 12 years old, and would it be the same chart when the person is 25 years old? Well, yes and no.

For example, children do not have jobs, but they do have schools; they do not have bosses, but they have teachers and/or
parents. In fact, one of the principal causes of neurotic behavior is that responses in childhood, which may have been
inappropriate at the time, are carried over into adulthood where the inappropriateness is more obvious, and these things can be
seen in a chart. Our relationships with teachers and parents as children will absolutely affect the relationships we will have
as adults with authority figures. I know this sounds more psychological than astrological; however, it’s all written in our

The chart of a child will not describe how the parents are, but it will describe the relationship the child has with his mom
and/or dad, the way the child sees them. That is why in the charts of siblings, for example, we will not be able to describe to
each child the parents the same way, but can describe the relationship that each one of these children has with his or her mom
and dad, or whoever represents this role in the child’s life.

The Moon in the chart represents the relationship with our mother, and Saturn, the relationship with our father. As an example,
two siblings, one with a Sagittarius moon and the other with a Capricorn moon, although they have the same mother, will view
her in totally different ways. You could ask each one to describe her to you, and you will get a completely different
description. However it’s the same person. The same thing happens with the placement of Saturn in our chart.

Karmic-wise it is said that we as souls choose to which parents we will come, but it’s not a random thing. We have links,
karmic debts, or souls that we work with as a team, and according to our karmic credits or debits, we get to choose which group
of souls with whom we will share an incarnation with. The more we as adults blame our parents for certain issues we have today,
instead of understanding that this was exactly the setting we needed to be able to come to or perfect a certain trait, the
longer it will take us to reach the ideal potential that we are here to meet.

At the end of the day we cannot change our parents; the only person we can change is ourselves. However understanding the
relationship between us and our parents will totally help us understand the relationship we have with ourselves and with any
authority figures in our lives today.

Interestingly, the same way in which we have similarities in our DNA with members of our families, we also have similarities in
our astrological DNA. We should not forget that like attracts like, and so the same traits you find so annoying in a member of
your family, perhaps you have it too. It is just easier to see it in someone else than ourselves, and this is an opportunity
that the universe is giving us to correct it by seeing it reflected in someone else who is so close to us.

It should not be a surprise that if we stop to think about it, that boss we have today might have much more similarities with
one of our parents as we were growing up than we think. As we grow, the only things that change are the settings, the
environments in which we work, certain issues, but until the actual issue is resolved, we will have the same authority
prototype coming back — as a parent, a teacher, or a boss.

The bottom line is, by understanding the position of our moon in our charts, we are able to understand the relationship with
our mother and recognize the work that needs to be done, among other things such as our basic emotional patterns and the
attitude we have towards our past. By understanding the position of the planet Saturn in our charts, we can figure out the work
we need to do as far as our dad is concerned. Of course Saturn is a very powerful planet, often viewed as a “bad dude,” but it
has many other functions in our map, but for this article we will limit it to the relationship we have with our father.