Pisces, the Lunar month of Adar

The lunar month of Pisces: Adar.  Adar I- from evening of February 4 until march 6th and Adar II from evening of Mar 6th until day of April 5th

The month of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune can easily be compared to the following quote:

“We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay” -Lunda Barry

There is a tendency to label the sign of Pisces as dreamy and spaced out- Oh, and by the way, this is going to be a looooong month of Pisces.   According to the Hebrew Calendar we are currently in a leap year, and the way the lunar year of 354 days makes up for the remaining 11 days of the solar calendar is by adding 7 leap years in a period of 19 Hebrew/lunar years, these leap years consist of a double month of Pisces/Adar, namely Adar Alef and Adar Bet, so this year we will have approximately 59 days of Pisces/Adar.  You could ask, and why it has to be that the month of Pisces gets doubled, why not other month? And the answer is, to stay in tune with what the Torah says, that the festival of Pesach/Passover should always be in the month of Aviv, the month of Spring. A little trivia for you guys.

Difference between a brilliant Pisces and a ‘labeled as a spaced-out Pisces’ resides in its ability to put thought into action.  The most brilliant scientist of all times -Albert Einstein- was a Pisces (in both Calendars the Gregorian march 14, and the Hebrew 19 of Adar).  I don’t think anyone could argue on his capacity to put thought into action.

The sign of Pisces being a water sign has a tendency or ability, not sure how which word to use to describe this quality, to blend into its environment, to absorb the energy that surrounds it.  If used in the right way, it can be extremely helpful to himself and others and he/she will be able to understand what is the changed needed, and regardless of obstacle it will be able to find its way through, just like the element of water which patiently and consistently can create a crack through the rock,  but if lacking a back bone and willingness to rock to the boat, it will stay just in its on imagination in an unmanifested reality creating in its own head ‘a fantasy to escape reality’ and earning the reputation of spaced out.

The month of Pisces helps us feel others, and understand them for who they are, and not for who we think they should be it helps us understand that my path does not have to be others path, if it works for me, it doesn’t mean it has to work for others.  The month of Pisces brings energy of freedom ‘who knew?’ Freedom from a surrounding energy that tries to engulf us into doing something that is thought to be the best for us, the month of Pisces is trying to ask you, where is your back bone? Is this the right thing for me? Or is this path in which I find myself what others think is the right think for me and I am lacking my back bone to find my own freedom.

This engulfing energy can be anything that from a superficial level seems to be good by others, and indeed it could be good for them, but is it at your own core, good for you? Is it in line with your own core values and goals? Are you finding yourself in quick sand and not being able to escape?

Albert Einstein wasn’t always well liked by everyone, he had radical ideas – another trivia: did you know he was offered to be the president of Israel when it first became an independent state back in 1952? “…. Theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein passed up an offer to become president of the young state of Israel in 1952. Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, referred to Einstein as “the greatest Jew alive” and asked Einstein if he would be willing to lead the nation….”

But he refused it, it was not his path.  He was able to bring his invaluable contribution to the world because he stuck to his own core.

But most of the times a Pisces, and in general duality signs (Pisces, Libras and Gemini) want to be well liked and want to be ‘ok’ and little by little find themselves drowning in a reality created for them by others, but not what he/she really wanted, and even worse as an escape a Pisces can live in two realities the one where he/she lives ok with the immediate surroundings and a double life where he/she does what he/she really wants.  That’s harder in my opinion than just being like the Beasty Boys and ‘fighting for your right to party’ fighting for your right to be who you are!

Finding your back bone is the name of the game for this sign and for all of us this month.  

Have a blessed month of Pisces/ Adar!