Happy New Year 2020

A peak into the New Year’s chart for 2020.

The new year always falls in the month of Capricorn. Obviously, it comes as no surprise why everyone’s New Year’s mind is filled with resolutions and motivations and dreams of accomplishing goals, that is the Capricorn’s mentality in general: get to work and manifest!

This year there is a very interesting twist, as the Sun returns in Capricorn it does so in the 3rd house, house of Gemini, the rising sign will be Libra and the Moon is Pisces. Gemini, Libra and Pisces are called signs of duality, since they all have a double side.

Gemini’s the twin, Libra the scales and Pisces the two fish swimming in opposite direction. Capricorn however is single minded, look at the mountain goat, when it decides that it is climbing a rocky mountain is not looking back or to the side to see who else is coming along or who is opposing, it is just focused and going up! Funny enough in sports it has been adopted to call prominent athletes GOAT as in ‘Greatest Of All Times” and it totally makes sense, as to be the greatest of all times one definitely need to have the focus of a mountain goat, just keep going up! However, this year we have a blend, the focused mentality of the Capricorn (6 planets will be in Capricorn at midnight of New Year) and all the infused duality energy of the Gemini-Libra-Pisces blend.

So basically, it says, do not put all eggs in one basket; It says establish 3 clear goals, one for work, one for relationships and one for health. Just one for each! Fortunately, we are not a goat, goats don’t have free will, they were born to be single minded and there is nothing they can do about it, one goal and that’s it. We have the beauty of choice, we know we are having the opportunity to tap into the focused capacity to achieve of a Capricorn but our goals will be easily manifested if we alternate into 3 different areas of life: Professional, Relationships and health.

The rising in libra, libra is ruled by Venus, Venus will be in Aquarius in the 4th house, house of home and family. From the start it tells us family comes first, don’t forget that we do what we do so we can give the most to our families, but if we sacrifice family time to make more money, when we come back home with the money there might be no family or relationships to give this money to-God forbid!

Venus in Aquarius has a little tendency to think: love me because I am amazing, but at times it forgets that relationships is a two way street, one has to give in order to get, why should I love you, forgive you, give and give and give if you never give back or you come to give back when there is no one there to give to anymore?

Moon in Pisces make a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces in the gate of the 6th house, house of health. Pisces is a very intuitive sign, but not a very ‘take action’ sign, this year it says: listen to your intuition, listen to your body, if it’s asking you to rest, then rest, don’t sacrifice your well being for an obsession. At the end of the day it’s all about trust. If we, we our hand in your heart, know that you are using your time wisely and you are putting in the effort, then when the body says ‘rest’ do so. Or the sacrifice might not be as worth it as one might have thought.

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous year of 2020.