Av, lunar month for Leo

This year goes from the evening of August 1st until the day of Friday, August 30th

Wondering how much Leo energy will we able to feel this lunar month of Av? Well, buckle up because it will be very-ultra-mega Leo.  As the moon became new in Jerusalem the planets hit an all-time high, check this out: moon in Leo, sun in Leo, rising Leo, mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Leo, part of fortune in Leo, Whoa!! Did you keep track of that? 6 planets in Leo.

Now the interesting part of this all is that, out of the 6 planets in Leo 4 of them fall in the 12th house. The house of our subconscious mind, the house that keeps our secrets, the things we know we should deal with but we tell ourselves ‘I’ll do it later’.  Leo as we know is the only sign ruled by the Sun, it shines, and this month it will be shinning even brighter showing us all we can be on a personal level.

There is a song that says ‘you can run but you cannot hide’ this month is all about that, all issues related with responsibilities that we were meant to assume, higher rolls that we were supposed to accept, the growth that we knew was at the reach of our hands but we were either scared, or lazy to take the extra step required to jump into it, will be right in our face, but guess what? The 12th house also represents things that slip in between our fingers.  If we don’t work for the blessings, it will seem that it is given to someone else, right in front of us.

There are certain opportunities the universe wanted to give us and for a while now we could have taken it for granted, we could have told ourselves ‘oh I know I don’t have to go anything about it right now because this opportunity will wait for me’ Well, let me tell you something, this month the light force of the creator is going to put us/you to the test, it will show you how it can very easily give those gifts to someone else, who is willing to put in the work.

Our pride/ego could be crushed, we can think ‘oh but that’s a good thing, crush the ego’ but why to search for the pain if we can change proactively with the brightness of the lion shinning and showing us what to do, the 12th house is not an easy house.

Imagine, your parents told you that you can get this new bike if you bring home good grades that they know you can score, totally under your capacity, but in the meantime you told yourself ‘ah I’ll go play some basketball instead of doing my homework, that bike will be waiting for me, if not this semester, the next one’ and you kept telling you and your parents this same story, and all of a sudden you see your cousin with a bike exactly like the one you have waiting for you in the garage, you run to the garage and surprise!!! The bike is not there!! Your parents gave it away!! Why? Because you became complacent, you thought you didn’t need to change, you thought your parents will wait until you decide to be ready, BUT they got tired and voila! bike is right in front of your face being ridden by someone else.

This is exactly what this month of Leo will bring us, it will show us again what is there for us, at the reach of our hand, we need to dig into ourselves find what is it that I need to do, and do it, or it will be given to someone else.  If we have been running away from taking the responsibility to committing to ourselves to push just a little more, then this month we won’t be able to hide, the opportunities come for one last time, if we dwell in the complacent energy of the all powerful Leo and soak in the pride that ‘I’m the king/queen, it will always be there for me’, we might get a surprise that will crush that pride in a blink of an eye.

This month of Leo will be one of the most introspective months of the year, 4 out of 6 planets in the 12th house, the 12th is the house of your subconscious, ask yourself what are you capable of, shake off the complacency and push just a little bit more.   Mars in Leo in the first house will be that one force helping you/us to get out of the ‘funk’ some felt during the month of cancer.  Success has been at the reach of our hand, if we were procrastinating, let’s recommit.  The creator is ever merciful, always willing to help us, but we need to help ourselves too. 

Remember redemption can come in a second, success can come in a second.  The success, the blessings this month of Leo is coming to show us, is not an outwardly type of success, is not going to be in the cover of some magazine, it going to be an internal fulfilment type. Not about showing others what we accomplished but feeling it in our heart that our desires were fulfilled.  Leo has a tendency to want to show off, and by having all these planets in the 12th house the success that the universe is trying to show us a personal success not an outwardly type of success.

Have a great and successful month of Leo,

With love,