Aquarius, the final stretch

As the lunar month of Aquarius comes to its final stretch, a powerful lesson experienced during this month I would like to share.

The sign of Aquarius is allergic to any kind of limitations, or to any type of small thinking, they are known to be the ‘big picture people’ and as part of it their Ego is legendary.  Talk to an Aquarius about something you have done, they will listen, acknowledge and tell you how they did something of the sorts but better, or on the opposite you share with the about a difficult experience they will listen, acknowledge and share with you how they experienced something of the sorts but they had it much worse hahaha- and this can be applied if the person is an Aquarius, Aquarius rising of Aquarius moon….if you are not used to it, it might be annoying, but once you know this is part of their astrological make up you will be fine with it.

During this present month of Aquarius I went through a very powerful personal experience that helped me internalize this aspect of the Aquarius sign.

My husband and I decided to train for a full marathon.   I had recently done some races so all I needed to do was to twitch my training schedule and I was good to go.  On the other hand, my husband’s last race had been in 2014 so he had some catching up to do.  Two months into the training went by and I was literally getting ‘smoked’ by him, I couldn’t understand what was going on, how come in such a short time he was already living me in the dust.   We compared heart rate data, and I realized that his heart rate at 8 minute per mile was the same as mine at 10 minutes per mile, meaning the perceived effort by both of us was the same.  He felt at 8 minutes miles, exactly the same as I felt at 10 minutes per mile, but for an observer it could seem that his effort was greater, but for both of us going through the challenge felt exactly the same.  My body was built to endure a particular limit of challenges and his body was built to endure a different, but to us felt exactly the same even if from the outside it looked that I was going through less stress than him.

To me this was an ‘aha!’ moment, because I realized that on an emotional level, sometimes we can listen to a person relate a challenge and we could think that is not a big deal compared to some of our personal experiences, but for that person that experience will feel exactly the same as it felt to us the experience that we think was greater or harder.   Although an Aquarius might not agree with me here, because they have it worst, or better 😊

So basically, in this month of Aquarius we could learn that we all experiences challenges, pains or successes with the same feelings, the only difference is never about who has it harder or easier, but on who is able to recuperate faster and be ready for the next challenge or success.  We can’t compare ourselves to other, we are all unique but as humans, feel the same, it is all about in the resilience, the ability to stand up back again.

Have a blessed end of the month of Aquarius.

With love,