Newsletter for the Lunar Month of Capricorn/ Tevet

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein

The lunar month of Capricorn-Tevet, this year goes from the evening of Friday, December 7th until the day of January 6th.

The sign of Capricorn is from the earth element, Kabbalistically is corresponds to the right column energy of the tree of life, which means that its internal energy is of Chesed (mercy) and water. The most intuitive of the 3 earth signs (Taurus and Virgo being the other 2).

If there is one thing that distinguishes the sign of Capricorn is their determination –hence the mountain goat being their symbol- nothing is stopping them once they’ve made up their mind, it doesn’t matter how long it will take, patience is not the problem, they’ll keep at it one step at the time until they arrive to where they want to go.

This month tends to be difficult for the impatient one, because the energy available is about, making sure that all details are well taken care of before moving onto the next step.  The sign of Capricorn in the human body rules the bones, our skeleton, among other things; but this time I want to focus on the bones, because it is our structure, our internal beams and columns, it’s what keeps us upright and determines our posture, funny enough it is composed by the joints which are an important part in keeping us loose and moving freely, a beautiful balance between structure and smooth flow.

The month of Capricorn might make us feel as things have slow down, we can blame it on the end of the year holidays, but the seed level resides in forcing us to think what are the details that I need to take care of to make sure the structure of the project I want to start in my new year’s resolution is strong.

Think about it, the attention to details in the construction of the foundation-beams-columns-slabs in a building is what will determine the whole life of it, it will determine if it endure an earthquake, a hurricane, etc.  You don’t want to rush through it, you want to dedicate your time to make sure it’s done well.   These are all Capricorn traits, like the mountain goat, making sure its footing is in the right place to keep on climbing.

If you are working on a project and feel that all of a sudden you have slow down, that external circumstances are forcing you delay, it might be the biggest blessing you are receiving.  The lunar month of Capricorn will always sprout out from the cosmic window of Hanukkah- the time of the year of miracles- The universe is ALWAYS on our side.  We might choose to think different, and again it is our choice decide which thoughts we allow to stay in our mind; but if there is a seed level of miracles in this month, if the universe is always rooting in our favor and we feel we have slow down, it is not because someone is out to get you, is because the creator wants you to build a strong foundation your project. Revise your path, your journey the aspects that you have taken into consideration.

As some of you know I am studying to become a Master Herbalist, I have finished the first stage, where I can prepare different known herbal formulas to supplement different bodily functions.  I thought I was going to be done by this upcoming June, I can tell you I won’t, ‘things’ have appeared that shows me that there are other aspects I need to take into consideration, and as impatient as a Gemini can be (I am a Gemini) and as frustrating as having to slow down it has been.  I know it’s in the best interest, better to slow down and do it right than to hurry and miss some strength in the structure.  Why would I want to add Herbal healing into my astrology practice? Astrology helps in healing of the spirit but we must also take care of the body.

The energy of Capricorn, as we said rules the bones, there is wonderful herb that can help with healing broken bones: Comfrey, it can be taken as a tea (1 teaspoon of dried herb per 8 ounces of hot water) or as poultice (crush the fresh comfrey herbs, mix it with honey and wheat germ oil) and apply it to the area of difficulty.

Calcium is also known as the biggest mineral aid in bone health.  Did you know that sesame seeds are way higher in calcium than the famous ‘cows milk’? So stuck up in tahini (sesame butter) and slow down on the milk, which by the way causes an acidic state in the body, which in return causes the calcium in the bone to leash out to balance out and alkalinize – this piece of information right here will help us understand why Americans are one of the highest consumers of cow’s milk in the world, and yet one of the leaders in osteoporosis.  Got Milk? Is a complete –money making machine- and not a real source of health.  It deposits a small amount calcium, but the acid state created make us loose more calcium to alkalinize the system than the amount we got from it.

Anyhow, this month asks us to pay attention to our starting point, to make sure is strong and take each step forward with conscious desire to do things well, better slow and strong than fast and brittle.

Happy month of Capricorn and to those who celebrate Hanukkah, Hanukkah Sameach.



P/s if you are interested in watching a little video of me preparing a herbal capsule for bone-ligament-joints health, I’m posting it bellow.