Nisan, the Lunar month of Aries

The new moon for the month of Aries comes in with power, pushing for a sense of purpose in every move that we do.  

 The new moon of Aries is not just any regular beginning of a month, it also marks the beginning of a new astrological year.  In the northern hemisphere it officially announces spring, renewal, the re-birth of all those seeds that were placed to sleep during the winter.  It says: Wake up people! And let’s get to work!

But let’s get to work on what? This particular year as we observe the new moon join the sun in the sign of Aries, they come together in the 10th house, house of work career and profession, but that is not the only thing, it brings the need to feel excitement for what we do, it asks us if that activity that we engage on Monday-Friday/9-5 is it something that truly fulfill all aspects of our being? does it bring the sustenance that we aspire? Does it satisfy our soul’s desires? Or does it bring the economical fulfillment we desire but it sacrifices our connection to our family? Does it sacrifice the connection to our spouse? To our own self?

Mars, the ruler planet of Aries is in Gemini, a bit of a sketchy position for Mars, mars likes focus, a clear vision of its path and trajectory, Gemini on the other hand likes to be here and there, doing this and doing that, Mars lands in the 11th house, house of the world, the house that ruled the perception that we think others have of us…This year the new moon of Aries wants us to review our goals based on what we, at our core, really want for us as individuals, and not what we do based on what we think others are expecting from us.

Three planets find themselves in the sign of Capricorn, again: work, career, but with purpose, not just a routine I do, but a routine I do that truly fulfills me and gives me excitement.

Sense of purpose is the name of the seed level for this year! Am I doing it for me, because it fulfills me? or am I doing it because I feel it is what I should be doing, because it is what I think others are expecting from me?

The New moon for this year is asking us to really take the opportunity of the seed level we plant in the first 12 days of this month to slow down if necessary, and re-boot our core values and sense of purpose. It is never about them or they, UNLESS doing it for them/they is what truly makes us happy, because even if what we do makes other happy, if it doesn’t make us happy it ends up being pointless, meaningless and empty.

As the new moon for the month of Aries/Nissan joins the sun in the 10th house, the sign of Cancer rises, the part of fortune and the north node of the moon (Tikun) all find themselves in Cancer.  Cancer is family, Cancer is the need to find meaningful actions, Cancer is love.  Cancer is the sign that does remember that to change the world, first I would need to change myself, that to help the world first I need to help that one individual that is right next to me, Cancer is empathy.

This new astrological year, the new moon of Nissan/Aries 2019, influences us to search for true connections towards the people we love the most, it influences us to work hard, don’t get me wrong, it will be an intense hard working year, but if we find meaning in what we do, next year when the whole revolution is complete and we stand about to start a new year, we will look back and feel satisfaction that our actions have met our hearts.

With love,